Expansion Board Nano ATmega328 IO Wireless

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This shield is specifically built to enhance the capabilities of the Arduino Nano, simplifying the process of connecting external sensors or actuators. It extends the functionality of the Arduino Nano by providing accessible IO (Input-Output) pins organized in a convenient 3-way header pin configuration, reminiscent of RC servo and RC receiver connections, which is a common format for many sensors and actuators. Beyond the SVG (Signal, Voltage, Ground) header pins, this shield also offers dedicated pins for UART and I2C, each represented by a 4-way header pin. With the inclusion of Ground (GND) and 5V (V) pins on every expanded IO header, you'll never have to worry about sourcing power and ground connections for RC servos and sensors. One standout feature of this IO expansion shield is its ability to power the Arduino Nano through an external power adapter. The shield features a DC Barrel jack (2.1mm) for plugging in a standard power adapter. It incorporates a reverse polarity protection diode and a capacitor to smooth out voltage ripples from the adapter. Additionally, an independent 3.3V voltage regulator is included, capable of delivering extra current (up to 500mA), supplementing the 3.3V output from the Arduino Nano (limited to 50mA from the FT232 IC). This shield is designed in the shape of a traditional shield, providing additional side pads for Arduino UNO header pins. A notable advantage is the clear labeling of all header pins, ensuring ease of use.



  • Breakout for all digital and analog pins
  • Interface compatibility with XBee and nRF24L01+ modules
  • Support for external power supply current
  • Compatible pin mapping for electronic brick
  • Designed for Arduino Nano, compatible with both the original and CH340 variants
  • Expanded all 22 GPIO pins to SVG 3-way (RC servo-type) header pins, including:
    • 8 Analog Pins (with 2 additional Analog input pins)
    • 14 Digital IO pins (including 6 PWMs)
    • AREF pin
  • I2C expansion Pin (4-way header: SCL, SCK, 5V, and GND)
  • UART expansion pin (4-way header: RX, TX, 5V, and GND)
  • Additional 5V and GND pins for sensors/servos
  • Extra pads for the Arduino UNO form factor
  • Onboard 3.3V voltage regulator to supply additional 3.3V current
  • DC Adapter Barrel Jack input with reverse polarity protection
  • Additional Reset button
  • Power indicator LED


  • Output Voltage: 3.3V
  • IO Pin: 14 IO Pins (servo-type with GND, power, and signal)
  • Analog Pin: 8 Pins with power output and GND
  • PWM Pin: 6 Pins
  • Expansion Pin: 5 I2C Expansion Pins
  • External Power Supply: 7-12V