Logic Level Shifter Converter 4 Channels 5v to 3v3

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When dealing with the intricate interplay of 5V and 3.3V devices on the same I2C bus, the Logic Level Shifter 4 Ch I2C 5v to 3v3 emerges as a crucial ally. This versatile board acts as a bridge, preventing potential destruction or reduced lifespan of your devices by enabling seamless communication between 5V and 3.3V components.



  • The Logic Level Shifter boasts a user-friendly design with printed pins that clearly indicate their functions. With a total of twelve pins, six on each side, it facilitates easy identification and connection.
  • In the power section, the middle area of the board accommodates both 5V and 3.3V inputs. Proper usage demands supplying power to this central region. For instance, if converting from 3.3V to 5V, connect the 5V to the "HV" side and the 3.3V to the "LV" input, ensuring a grounded connection.
  • The outer pins are dedicated to inputs and outputs for channels 1 and 2, each equipped with a voltage divider and a MOSFET shifter. Clear labels such as "RXI," "RXO," "TXI," and "TXO" simplify the connection process.



  • RXI (Receive Input): Accepts 5V input, undergoes voltage division, and outputs a shifted 3.3V signal on the "RXO" pin.
  • RXO (Receive Output): Receives the 5V input signal shifted to 3.3V from the "RXI" pin.
  • TXI (Transmit Input): Allows the input of a 3.3V signal, shifting it to 5V. Ideal for scenarios like connecting a Raspberry Pi I2C to an Arduino, ensuring proper signal reading.
  • TXO (Transmit Output): Outputs a 5V signal from a 3.3V input on the "TXI" side.