Wireless charging Cellphone charger Module Coil 5V 1A

AED 40.95



The Wireless charger& Receiver adopts two copper wire coil superposition to active the wireless charging, it can be used in electronic equipments in common use for close wireless charging or power supply. This product consisted of a transmitter and receiver, could serve as a replacement for the Wireless Power Supply with stable 5V output voltage and maximum 1A output current. Its small size and insulation coil is more suitable for using in wireless project.
Input Voltage: DC 5-12V
Output Voltage: DC 5V
Output Current(maximum): 1A
Transmit-receive distance: 1-20mm
Transmitter Size: 17x11x2.5mm (L*W*H)
Receiver Size: 24x10x5.5mm (L*W*H)
Coil Outer Diameter: 38mm
Coil Inner Diameter: 28mm 
Coil Thickness: 1.3mm
Mainly applied to mobile electronics products, such as: mobile phones, game consoles, aquarium, MP3, MP4, adult products, digital cameras, electric shavers, machine learning, medical, supplies and other products of underwater.
1, Please do not use the unstable power, and the volatage can not over than 13.0V ;
2, Please pay attention to the polarity of the circuit connection, can not be reversed, do not allow short circuit;
3, Large areas of metal are not allowed near the area around the coil.