Proximity Detection Switch Sensor SN04 DC

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The SN04-P Corner Column Universal Proximity Switch is an advanced sensing solution designed to streamline and enhance the functionality of industrial equipment. As a versatile non-contact travel switch, this proximity switch is engineered to detect metal or iron objects with precision and reliability. The compact design.



  1. Detection Precision: With a detection distance of 4 mm, the SN04-P excels in accurately identifying metal or iron objects in its proximity without the need for physical contact.
  2. Versatile Object Detection: Tailored for detecting metal and iron, this proximity switch offers a wide range of applications in industries where non-contact sensing is essential.
  3. Flexible Voltage Range: The SN04-P operates within a working voltage range of 6-36VDC, providing flexibility for integration into various electrical systems and setups.
  4. Reliable Output Method: Utilizing a DC three-line NPN normally open (NPN NO) configuration, the switch ensures a dependable output, facilitating seamless integration into control systems.
  5. Sufficient Output Current: With an output current of 300 mA, the SN04-P is equipped to handle moderate loads, contributing to stable and efficient performance in diverse industrial environments.



  • Brand: OMKQN
  • Model: SN04-P
  • Name: Corner Column Universal Proximity Switch
  • Shape: 181836 mm
  • Detection Distance: 4 mm
  • Detecting Objects: Metal/Iron
  • Working Voltage: 6-36VDC
  • Output Method: DC Three-Line NPN Normally Open (NPN NO)
  • Output Current: 300 mA
  • Shell Material: Plastic
  • Functional Use: Widely employed in the control of machine tools and other


Package Includes:

1 x SN04-P Corner Column Universal Proximity Switch