Relay MOSFET Timer 0.1s - 999min 5-24v Module

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The Relay MOSFET Timer 0.1s - 999min 5-24v Module is a highly versatile and efficient MOSFET-based timer designed for various applications. Operating seamlessly on 5V, 12V, and 24V, this module offers precise timing capabilities, making it suitable for controlling motors, light bulbs, LED light belts, DC motors, and micropumps. With a broad timing range from 0.1 seconds to 999 minutes, this module provides flexibility and reliability in various scenarios.



  1. Wide Voltage Range: The module is compatible with DC voltages ranging from 5V to 36V, ensuring versatility in different power supply setups.
  2. High Output Capability: With a constant current of 15A at room temperature and a power handling capacity of 400W, the module can effectively meet the needs of most devices. Auxiliary heat dissipation can increase the maximum current to 30A.
  3. Noise-Free Operation: The interruption process of the module is noise-free, without electric sparks or electromagnetic interference, providing a reliable and silent operation.
  4. Optocoupler Isolation: Equipped with optocoupler isolation, the module enhances anti-interference ability, ensuring stable performance in industrial-grade environments.
  5. Long Service Life: The MOSFET-based design contributes to a longer service life than commonly used electromagnetic alternatives.



  • Working Voltage: DC 5V-36V
  • Trigger Signal Source: High-level trigger (DC 3.0V - 24V)
  • Output Capability: DC 5V-36V, constant current 15A at room temperature, power 400W (30A with auxiliary heat dissipation)
  • Static Current: 15mA
  • Service Life: Infinite switch; working temperature -40 - 85°C
  • Size: 6.0x3.4x1.2cm



  • Motor control
  • Light bulb control
  • LED light belt control
  • DC motor control
  • Micro pump control
  • Electromagnetic valve control


How to Work with the Module and Setup:

  1. Connect the module to a power source within the specified voltage range (5V-36V).
  2. Use a high-level trigger signal (DC 3.0V - 24V) for effective operation.
  3. Adjust the timing range from 0.1 seconds to 999 minutes using the setup instructions.
  4. Utilize the "STOP" button to choose MOSFET enable mode (ON/OFF) and switch between sleep modes.
  5. Set parameters using the "SET" button, adjusting on-time, off-time, and cycle parameters as needed.
  6. After setting parameters, long-press the "SET" button to confirm and return to the main screen.

Timing Range: Adjust the timing range from 0.1 seconds (min) to 999 minutes (max) continuously.

Selecting the Time Range: After setting the mode selection screen parameter value, use a short press of the "STOP" button to choose the time range:

  • If the decimal point is in the unit place (XXX.), the timing range is 1 second to 999 seconds.
  • If the decimal point is in the decade place (X.), the timing range is 0.1 seconds to 99.9 seconds.
  • If there are two decimal points (X.X.), the timing range is 1 minute to 999 minutes.

For example, to set "OP" to 3.2 seconds, move the decimal point to the decade place, and the digital display will show 03.2.

Parameter Description:

  • "OP": Conduction time
  • "CL": Off time
  • "LOP": Number of cycles (1-999 times, "---" represents an infinite loop).

These parameters are independent but shared by each mode. For instance, setting the on-time "OP" to 5 seconds in P1.1 mode will make "OP" 5 seconds in P1.2 mode as well.

In the main interface (display 000), a short press of the "SET" button will display "OP" ("CL", "LOP") and the corresponding time XXX. Some modes only display "OP" (e.g., P1.1, P1.2, P1.3), while others display "OP," "CL," "LOP" (e.g., P3.1, P3.2).

To check information about the parameters of the current mode, short-press the "SET" key in the main interface.

Setting Parameters:

  1. Read the instructions to determine the required operating mode.
  2. Power up the module, and the display shows the current work mode (P1.1 default mode).
  3. Press the "SET" button for 2 seconds and release to enter the mode selection interface.
  4. Short press "UP" and "DOWN" keys to select the mode (P1.1 ~ P-4).
  5. Select the mode (e.g., P3.2), short press the "SET" button, and the parameter to be set flashes ("OP" on-time, "CL" off time, "LOP" cycles).
  6. Use "UP" and "DOWN" keys to adjust the parameter value, supporting both long and short presses.
  7. Short press "STOP" to select the decimal point position and time range (0.1 seconds to 999 minutes).
  8. Short press the "SET" button to set the next parameters of the current mode.

After setting parameters, long-press the "SET" button for 2 seconds and release. The name of the current mode will flash once, indicating successful parameter setup.

Main Interface: In the MOSFET non-working status, the display shows "000" (no decimal point). A decimal point appears under MOSFET state.

Mode Selection Screen: Long press the "SET" key to enter, and after setting completion, long-press the "SET" key to exit back to the main screen.

"STOP" Button Extensions:

  • Mosfets Enable Mode:

    • ON: MOSFET allows conduction in the "OP" on-time.
    • OFF: MOSFET prohibits conduction, always closed.
    • In the main interface, short press the "STOP" button to switch between ON and OFF. The current state will flash, then return to the main screen. This feature serves as an emergency stop function.
  • Sleep Mode:

    • "C-P" Sleep mode: After five minutes of inactivity, the digital display automatically turns off, with the program running as usual.
    • "O-d" normal mode: Digital display always open.
    • Press the "STOP" button for two seconds and release to switch between "C-P" and "O-d" states. The current state flashes, then returns to the main screen.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Double MOS Timer Control Module