Audio Amplifier Module Board 100W Class AB 32V Mono Power Amplifier TDA7293

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The circuit is dependable and steady, and it uses the TDA7293 is a monolithic integrated circuit in a Multiwatt15 package designed for audio class AB amplifier usage in Hi-Fi field applications. It can deliver the most power into both 4- and 8-loads because of its wide voltage range and strong output current capabilities. The built-in is simplified by the built-in muting feature with turn-on delay, which eliminates on-off switching sounds. High output power may be provided to loads with very low impedance, reducing the system's heat dissipation. For massive electrolysis, the filter utilizes a voltage of 50V and a capacity of 2200uf, with a supply voltage of 12-36V.


Chip: TDA7293

Power supply: AC 12 v - 32 v

The Channel Type: Single Channel

The Output power: 100 w

4-8 Ohm Load Type: Speaker

Input impedance: 100 k Ohm

Frequency Range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Size: 60 x45x32mm

Package Include:

1 x 100W Digital Audio Amplifier Board

TDA7293 AC 12V 32V 100W Digital Audio Amplifier Single Channel AMP ...

TDA7293 Module Dual AC12V-32V 100W DIY Digital Audio Amplifier Single Channel AMP Board

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