DC-DC USB Adjustable Buck-boost Power Regulator Module Desktop

AED 29.40



Very convenient to use, plug in USB or micro USB can output 1.2v-24v adjustable voltage One-click on and off output Digital can be closed Multi-circle Precision adjustable potentiometer adjustment Before the electric power storage state
Input voltage:DC 3.5-12V
Output voltage:DC 1.2-24V
Output power:
Input 1.2-2V,output power within 2W
Input 2V-20V,output power within 3W
Input 20V-24V,output power with in 2.5W
Display:3Bit digital tube display
One button to turn off the output
Supply ON/OFF display screen
Support low power mode
Support sleep mode
Support both standard USB and Micro USB and pads input voltage;
Potentiometer with rotating handle.
Use steps:
1.Input voltage from Standard USB or Micro USB or ‘VIN+’ and ‘VIN-’;
2.Turn ON display screen;
3.Adjust potentiometer to get the required voltage;
4.Connect load.
1.Ordinary power supply
2.Battery charger
3.LED drive power
4.Instrument voltage display
5.Test meter
6.Circuit test
7.Power conversion