Diode 1n4007 Full Bridge Rectifier Filter Power Conversion Module

AED 6.30



- This product is a streamlined rectifier filter module, widely used in small rectifier output filter, mainly used in the power requirements of the electrical is not very high, the power module design can be put into a smaller small electrical box, the circuit Board above the design of power indicator light, easy to turn on the power supply can be intuitive to know the power status.
Product Features:
- AC to DC power conversion module
- 1N4007 bridge rectifier filter
- AC input voltage [6V-32V] (capacitance 50V470UF)

- Output voltage: 12V DC
- The maximum input and output current: 1A
- Frequency range: 50-60Hz
- Cable Length: 90mm
- PCB Size: 28x13x1.2 mm
Rectified output voltage [output = input x1.414] [Example: input 12V AC, then the output 12x1.414 = 16.968V, which is the calculated result of no-load voltage, only a reference, the actual deviation]
Package included:
- 1x AC to DC power conversion module (including the cable)