DC-DC Converter USB Adjustable Buck-boost Power Supply Voltage Regulator Module

AED 45.15



Input voltage range: DC 4-13V (When using solder terminal as input port, please do not connect the positive and negative reversely, and do not connect AC power supply).
Output voltage range: DC 0.5-30V
Output current: 0-2A (When under CV mode, the output current is automatically adapted to the load and cannot be adjusted manually. Assume that the limit current is set to be 1A, then when the load current > 1A, it will enter CC mode automatically, and the max output current is 1A).
Output power: lower than 15W (When output power is greater than 15W, it will automatically turn off output and display -OP-. After lower the load power, press ON/OFF button).
Voltage resolution: 0.1V
Default voltage accuracy:±0.1V
Current resolution: 0.01A
Measurement current range: 0-2.2A
Default current accuracy: ±0.05A
Power display: 0.00W-15.0W
Working current: about 30mA
Cable length: 268mm

Shrot-circuit protection;
Over-current protection;
Over-voltage protection;
Over-power protection;
Over-temperature protection
charging anti-backflow protection

Package Included:
1x Adjustable Voltage Regulator