Audio Amplifier Module Board 2x 3w Class D 5v Power Amplifier PAM8403 with Pot

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Audio Amplifier Chip 5v Dc 3W Mini Audio Amp Board PAM8403is a small Class-D digital amplifier board.HD quality, output 3W +3 W high-fidelity sound with 4 ohms speakerPower voltage is 5V DC, and it is a very good product for amp enthusiasts where there is Excellent noise suppression, with a potentiometer counterclockwise switch off the power directly the Dimensions of the board are 29.5 * 20.2 * 15mm fo it's very tiny and can be embedded within any project.

Product Name: PAM8403 digital amplifier board
Power range: 5V DC
Maximum output: 3Wx2 (5V 4 ohms)

Excellent noise suppression, in a very clear voice, no noise at all.

two stereo channels, with 5V power supply, can output 3W power,

can directly drive 4Ω, 8Ω small speakers.

Pam8403 Super Mini Digital Amplifier Board 3W

Dimensions: 29.5 * 20.2 * 15mm (excluding protruding potentiometer lever)