RFID Tag EM4100 Key Badge 125KHz ID

AED 5.25



The permanent RFID tag key is a distinctive 32-bit ID that remains impervious to reprogramming. Designed for compatibility with RFID readers, this tag key operates effectively within the common 125kHz RF range. The inherent value of the unique ID lies in its ability to distinctly identify individuals or objects, making it particularly relevant for applications such as access control and various automation scenarios. Distinguished as a passive RFID tag, this key operates without a dedicated power source. Instead, it harnesses the principle of electromagnetic induction. When a compatible transmitter enters its range, the embedded coil is activated through this induction process. This surge of energy then empowers the microchip ensconced within the tag, prompting it to emit a feedback response to the transmitter. This communication cycle culminates in the transmitter decoding the distinct feedback, effectively identifying the tag. Notably, this tag key presents an unadorned design on both its faces, offering an opportune canvas for customization. Utilizing laser printing, you can imprint your logo and relevant details, enhancing its practicality and aesthetic. The applications of this key extend across various domains, making it a versatile asset. Its deployment finds utility in Home Automation, Identification processes, Anti-Theft Systems, Medical Tags, and more. The tag's adaptability underscores its multifaceted nature, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into diverse contexts.


EM4100 125khz RFID Key Fob Specifications:

  • Passive RFID Tag key
  • 32bit Unique ID
  • 64-bit data stream (Header+ID+Data+Parity)
  • Reading Distance about 5 to 12 cm (depending upon the reader)


Package Includes:

  • 1×RFID Tag Key


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