RFID Tag EM4100 Key Badge 125KHz ID

AED 5.25



A plain RFID tag key with a permanent and unique non-reprogrammable 32-bit ID which can be read using an RFID reader. This Tag key works with a normal 125kHz RF range and the unique ID in it can be used to identify people/objects for access control or other automation applications. It is a passive type RFID tag which means it does not have a power source attached to it. Whenever a transmitter comes into the range it will energize the coil present in the tag through Electromagnetic Induction. This energy powers the microchip inside which in turn sends a feedback response to the transmitter. The transmitter receives this unique feedback and identifies the Tag. The key is plain on both sides which enables you to print your logo and other details on the tag using laser printing. It can be used in Home Automation, Identification, Anti Theft Systems, Medical Tags, etc. applications.

EM4100 125khz RFID Key Fob Specifications:

  • Passive RFID Tag key
  • 32bit Unique ID
  • 64-bit data stream (Header+ID+Data+Parity)
  • Reading Distance about 5 to 12 cm (depending upon the reader)


1×RFID Tag Key

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