IR Infrared Transmitter Diodes LED 5mm

AED 4.20



A high efficiency infrared emitting diode. works on 1.2-1.4V with a current of 100mA. comes in a 5mm T-1¾ package with a clear,  37mm lens. In comparison, the wavelength is 940nm.

The emitter has good spectral matching with Vishay TSOP IR receiver modules and is also ideal as a replacement for other standard emitters. Typical applications include IR remote controls with high power requirements, free air transmission systems, IR source for optical counters and card readers, IR source for smoke detectors, etc.


  • IR transmitter diode for TSOP module 940 nm
  • Extra high power and radiant intensity
  • High reliability
  • Low forward voltage
  • Suitable for high pulse current operation


Size: 5mm.
Length: 37mm.
Lens Color: Clear.
Emitted Colour: Infrared.
wavelength: 940nm.
Forward Voltage (V): 1.2-1.4V.
Forward Current (mA): 100mA.