Remote 433 MHz RF Door Controller 4 Channel Cloning Duplicator Key

AED 30.45



433 Mhz Rf Remote Door Controller 4 channel Cloning Duplicator Key
Resetting before copying: press two keys on copying remote control at the same time until LED flicks, indicating the resetting is successful. After resetting, press the key of remote control, and LED will be off. pls wait more 5 seconds


Works with the following remote control IC modules (please check your original remote control before ordering), and your remotes also should be Fixed code or IC of the original remote control is PT2262 PT2264 SC2262 SC2260 HS2262 2260 LX2262 2260 EV1527  PT2240 or without code. 

The fixed working frequency is 433MHz; other frequencies may be customized.