Touch Capacitive Button Module Blue Color HTTM

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With the HTTM Touch Capacitive Switch Button Module Blue Color there are no mechanical parts, so Long life, maintenance costs minimized, the detection part that can be placed on any insulating layer (usually a glass or plastic material) behind, is easy to seal with the surrounding environment on the keyboard, in order stop any moisture or water compared to the mechanical buttons, this button is more difficult to be damaged, you can modify the resistance of the rear, by adjusting the output signal of the latch output. wide input voltage range of 2.7 v ~ 6 v, 3.3 v signal output can be used directly to drive relays, optocouplers, led lights, and other interface devices. 30-degree operating temperature range 70 degrees; 8. Sensitive touch, no delay, delay, flicker, and other adverse reactions;

 A built-in anti-jamming algorithm, with excellent anti-jamming performance.

Operating voltage: 2.7 - 6 v

Working temperature: 30 to 70 

Pin output voltage: 3.3 v

Maximum pin out current: 500ma

Output mode selection: adjustable.

Color: Blue

No lock mode: touch and after the pin output remains high, the touchpad is illuminated, touch again becomes a low level;

The pattern is not resistance welding, which is the default mode is the locked mode.

Pin definitions and parameters
  • Operating voltage: + 2.7 ~ 6 V
  • Working temperature: ~ + 70 30 Celsius
  • OUT pin output voltage: + 3.3 V ± 0.1 V
  • OUT pin Maximum output current: 500mA