Audio Amplifier Module 2x 15w Dual channel Stereo12v DC DIY Kit Power TDA7297

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A set of parts for self-assembly of a 15 + 15 W power amplifier on the TDA7297 IC - includes a printed circuit board, TDA7297 IC (without a cooling heatsink), and a set of passive elements - capacitors, resistors, diodes. Additionally, a power capacitor with a capacity of 2200-10000uF is recommended.



Load resistance: 4 - 10 Ohms.
Supply voltage: 9 - 20V, recommended - 12V 4A.
Board size in assembled form: 34x29x25mm  
Chip: TDA7297 
Input: stereo linear (0-0.5V)

Weight: 15 g

(The diagram is shown - typical, capacitor power supply - 2200 - 10000 microfarads)

Note:It is a spare part, not a finished product, it needs to be assembled by You.

DIY must-see: if you detect any noise from the board it might be one of the following reasons:

1. Power supply with commercial power supply,

2. No potentiometer. Solution: 1, must add potentiometer, if you do not add potentiometer, you must use two 47K resistors respectively connected to the left and right channel audio input

3. If using the mains step-down rectification power supply, the 100uf filter capacitor must be replaced by 1000uf or more (the battery supply does not have to be changed).

if you detect to much heat you must add a radiator, the recommended heatsink size is 100x30x45mm (length x width x height), this DIY Kit does not contain a heatsink.

Wiring diagram:

TB2iZ0BafjM8KJjSZFsXXXdZpXa_!!2378638347 拷贝.jpg

◆The advantages of this board:

no current impact sound at start-up, high signal-to-noise ratio, almost no sound when the ear is close to the speaker without input; the sound quality is super--the treble is delicate, soft, transparent, no obvious harsh, the bass is strong and full. 



◆Electronic kit ensures that there is no problem in the quality of the components the line is correct, but because of the difference in soldering skills, we can't guarantee your DIY success. 

◆ The core of this power amplifier board is the original imported TDA7297 dual-channel power amplifier chip, produced by the famous European SGS-THOMSON Italian microelectronics company. The power supply is designed for DC power supply. It can be directly powered by a 12V battery. The voltage range is 9-15V, the recommended voltage is 12V, the output power is up to 15W+15W, the peak power is 30W+30W, and the volume is very small but super shocking. It is suitable for any occasion.
◆ Volume: 34x29x25mm (length x width x height), ultra-small size, suitable for any space.
Voltage: DC 9-15V, recommended voltage 12V, current 2A or more
Power: 15W+15W
Output impedance: 4-8 ohms
Net weight: 10g
◆ This power amplifier board works as high as 90%, which is very energy-saving. It can be played continuously for more than 5 hours with 12V motorcycle battery.
◆ This 12V power supply small-capacity power amplifier board is worthy of a superb power amplifier module. The owner uses this power amplifier board to push two 6.5-inch 100W speakers with the same sound quality. It doesn't feel too hard and the sound quality is super good.
◆ Need to add volume control potentiometer in front of this power amplifier board, the connection method is very simple, as shown in the above figure