FM Radio Station Stereo Receiver Module 76mhz-108mhz (Not Soldered)

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This simple kit allows you to build a complete high-quality digital Stereo FM Receiver capable of receiving radio broadcasts in 76MHz up to 108MHz band. It is a perfect FM Receiver to any FM Transmitter. This is an FM receiver supplied using two AA battery cells. This Electronic kit is for electronic enthusiasts to assemble by themselves, and gives you electronics knowledge, experience, and hands-on soldering fun, enjoy the test of successful soldering Job.

the circuit includes a  search tuning circuit, the signal detection circuit, a mute circuit, and a compression frequency offset of the frequency-locked loop FLL circuit. IF the frequency of the circuit is designed to 70KHZ, peripheral circuits without intermediate frequency transformer, wherein the frequency is selected by an internal RC circuit IF filter to complete.

Frequency: 76 - 108MHz
Supply Voltage: 1.8 - 3.6V

Component List
1x Stereo FM Receiver PCB
1x Stereo FM Receiver Chip
1x Dual AA Battery Holder
1x 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack
5x Tactile Buttons
1x 32,768KHz Crystal
1x 2SC8050 Transistor
1x LED
1x 10uH Inductor
2x 1N4148 Diodes
4x 10K Resistor
2x 100uF Capacitor
2x 100nF Capacitor
1x 33pF Capacitor

Soldering process:
First, you need to solder the  SMD components, then: 1.resistor 2.Inductor 3.capacitor 4.diode 5.keys 6.headphone jack and switch button.

How to use:
the tuning buttons (SEEK +, SEEK-), in addition to the volume control buttons (VOL +, VOL-), and the power button (PW). After the circuit is powered on, press the power button, the circuit starts to work, press SEEK + to search for high-frequency or low-end press SEEK- radio frequency search, automatic search for radio signals, tuning automatically stops, then click on the Search button if The circuit continues to search for radio stations.