Ethernet LAN8720 Rmii Module Board Black

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Ethernet module LAN8720 Rmii ETH Board - based on LAN8720 10/100 transceiver from SMSC, which is now part of Microchip. A single 3.3 V power supply is required for the device. The module supports the RMII (Reduced Media Independent Interface) interface, which has fewer pins, as well as the HPAuto-MDIX (Media Dependent Interface), which is implemented on this board. The device offers a flexible power management design as well as a 1.2 V inbuilt voltage regulator. The I/O voltage range is 1.2 V to 3.6 V. The LAN8720 ETH Board may be used as an integrated webserver.



  • high-performance 10/100 Ethernet Physical Layer Transceiver (PHY) LAN8720;
  • support of one supply voltage 3.3 V;
  • RMII interface support with a reduced number of pins;
  • HP Auto-MDIX support;
  • IC case: QFN-24 (4x4 mm), RoHS compliance;
  • Flexible power management architecture
  • integrated stabilizer 1.2 V;
  • voltage range I / O: +1.6 V ... +3.6 V.

Package Includes:

1 x Ethernet LAN8720 Rmii Module Board Black

Datasheet of the LAN8720 Chip Click Here

Note: Only STM32 and ESP32 libraries are available for the board