Wireless RF 315MHz 1 Channel Relay

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The wireless RF receiver is a device that enables easy wireless control of electrical appliances using AC power. It operates at 315MHz frequency and can be powered by a 12V battery. The built-in relay can handle a maximum current of 10A at 250V AC. This remote control has multiple applications, including home and stores anti-theft alarm systems, electric cars, electric doors, motorcycles, car alarms, door/window controllers, and industrial control. Its convenience and versatility make it suitable for various scenarios.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x 315MHz 12V 1 Channel Relay Module
  • 1 x Remote control for the main board



The Transmitter (Remote Control):

    1. The operating voltage for the receiver is DC 12V, enabling compatibility with various power sources.
    2. The onboard relay is capable of handling different loads, including 10A/250V AC, 10A/125V AC, 10A/30V DC, and 10A/28V DC, accommodating diverse electrical appliances and equipment.
    3. With a sensitivity level of -105 dBm, the receiver can efficiently capture and process incoming signals, ensuring reliable communication with the remote control.
    4. It can operate within a wide temperature range, from -40°C to 80°C, making it suitable for various environmental conditions and applications.
    5. The compact size of the receiver, measuring 353217mm, facilitates easy integration and installation in limited spaces.
    6. The output mode of the receiver is a self-lock, which can be adjusted according to specific requirements, providing flexibility in controlling the relay.
  1. The Receiver:
    1. It has 1 channel dedicated to controlling the relay, providing straightforward operation.
    2. The remote control offers a maximum distance range of 50m/150ft under optimal conditions, allowing for flexible control without physical proximity. However, the range may vary by 10%-50% due to blockages or signal interference.
    3. Fixed code encoding, specifically 2260 2262, ensures secure and reliable communication between the remote control and the receiver.
    4. The default frequency is 315MHz, providing a stable wireless signal for transmission.
    5. The transmitter is powered by a single 12V-23A battery (battery not included), ensuring long-lasting operation.



The wireless RF receiver module is an ideal solution for simplifying the deployment of wireless AC control for electrical appliances. The module is designed to operate at a frequency of 315/315MHz, and it can be powered by any 12V battery. With the onboard relay, it is capable of handling up to 10A of current at 250V AC, making it a perfect fit for various applications. The wireless remote control features one channel for controlling the relay, and its maximum range is 50m/150ft under ideal conditions. The remote uses fixed code encoding, specifically 2260 2262, and the default frequency is 315MHz. The power is supplied by a single 12V-23A battery (battery not included). The receiver module's key features include a DC operating voltage of 12V, which can handle different loads, including 10A/250V AC, 10A/125V AC, 10A/30V DC, and 10A/28V DC. The module has a sensitivity level of -105 dBm, making it efficient in receiving signals. It can operate within a temperature range of -40°C to 80°C, and it has a compact size of 353217mm. The output mode is a self-lock, which can be adjusted as needed, making it perfect for use in a wide range of industrial control applications, electric doors, car alarms, and home or store anti-theft alarm systems.


Principle of Work:

  1. Jog/Non-Latched Mode: In this mode, when you press a button on the remote control, the relay switch turns on and starts working. When you release your finger from the same button, the relay switch stops and turns off.
  2. Self-lock/Self-Latched Mode: In this mode, when you press a button on the remote control once, the relay switch turns on and starts working. If you press the same button again, the relay switch stops and turns off.
  3. Inter-lock/Latched Mode: In this mode, each channel switch requires two buttons on the remote control. When you press one button, the relay switch associated with that button turns on and starts working. To stop the relay switch, you need to press another button on the remote control.
  4. Delay Mode: This mode introduces a time delay before the relay switch is automatically turned off. When you press the button on the remote control, the relay switch is activated and starts working. After a preset time interval (5s, 10s, or 15s), the relay switch will automatically turn off.

To change the working mode, you need to delete the current learning mode by pressing the white learning button on the control panel eight times. After that, you can re-learn the new mode by following the instructions provided with the wireless module.


Pinout of the Module:


  • Wiring Diagram 1:
  • +V: 12V + (Input).
  • – V:  12V – (Input).
  • NO: Normal Open(Output).
  • COM: Common(Output).
  • NC: Normal Close(Output).
  • Learning Button: The learning button in the module allows you to program the wireless RF receiver to learn and remember specific remote control signals. By pressing the learning button, you can put the receiver into a learning mode, where it is ready to capture and store the signal from a compatible remote control



  1. Robotics: The module can be used to control the movements of robot arms, legs, or other mechanical components that require precise positioning.
  2. CNC machines: The module can be used to drive the stepper motors in CNC machines, which are used for cutting, engraving, and milling various materials.
  3. 3D printers: The module can be used to control the stepper motors in 3D printers, which are used for the additive manufacturing of various objects.
  4. Automation: The module can be used in various industrial automation applications, such as conveyor systems, packaging machines, and assembly lines.
  5. Camera sliders: The module can be used to drive stepper motors in camera sliders, which are used for smooth camera movements in video production.
  6. Telescope mount: The module can be used to control the stepper motors in a telescope mount, which can be used for precise tracking of celestial objects.






 No Library is Needed.



No code needed


Technical Details:

The Remote control:

  • Model Number: KT11-4.
  • Materials: ABS.
  • Channel: One Channel.
  • Frequency: 433 MHz.
  • Modulation System: ASK.
  • Match Code Way: Fixed Code.
  • Working Voltage: DC 12V.
  • Working Current: <25mA.
  • Working RF Frequency: 433MHZ.
  • Transmitting Power: +13dbm.
  • Remote Control Distance: 50m (Please notice that the 100m distance is the ideal distance without any block and signal interference. It would rise and fall about 10%-50% with the block and signal interference).
  • Color: Brown.
  • Package Size: 6.8 * 3.5 * 1.5cm / 2.67 * 1.37 * 0.59in.
  • Package Weight: 28g/1.0oz.

The Receiver

  • Model Number: KR1201B-4.
  • Modulation Mode: ASK.
  • Working Mode: Momentary, Toggle, Latching and Time Delay Mode.
  • Input Voltage: DC 10 ~ 14V.
  • RF Frequency: 315MHz.
  • Quiescent Current: 5mA .
  • Receiving Sensitivity: >97dbm.
  • Remote Control Range: >100m (Free Space).
  • Wired Connection Way: Fixed Wiring Pillar.
  • Decoding Mode: MCU Software Decoding.
  • Working Mode: Momentary, Toggle, Interlocked Mode Latching Time delay (5s ,10s ,15s ).
  • Color: Green (PCB Board), Black(Outside Shell) .
  • Size: 34 x 31 x 18mm.
  • Package Weight: 35g / 1.23oz.