Fan Module For Firefighter Flame Robot L9110

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The fan Module consists of a small connected motor and an L9110 chip. It can be used to create a firefighter robot or any other application that requires a fan with a speed controller. To control this module using Arduino you need to connect it via 4 different connections. L9110 IC is a two-channel push-pull power amplifier that is used to drive and control motors. This chip has two TTL/CMOS compatibility, a large current driving capability, and a low output saturation voltage. It also has a built-in clamp diode that is a reverse polarity to lessen the impact of voltage spikes when driving DC motors and stepper motors. Each channel can deliver 750–800mA of continuous current and 1.5–2.0A of peak current.



  • Product size: 50*26*15mm 
  • The wings of the fan are made of plastic
  • Fan diameter: 75 mm
  • Working voltage: 5V
  • Driver Chip: L9110 drive,
  • hole, compatible with the steering wheel of the steering gear
  • Strength: It can easily blow out the lighter flame of 20cm and can be used for the production of firefighting robots.


Pinout of the Module:

GND Ground.
The supply voltage of +5 V.
The rotation control when connected to the ground.
The rotation control when connected to the ground.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x L9110 Fan Motor Module
  • 1 x Propeller 75mm