Infrared IR Sensor Obstacle Avoidance Sensor KY-032

AED 11.55



The KY-032 Infrared Reflective Obstacle Sensor Module works through an infrared reflection system, where an IR emitting LED and an IR photoreceptor are side by side, and when an obstacle crosses within the range of action of both the sensor puts the output in low level and an LED will be lit on the board indicating the presence of an obstacle.

This KY-032 Reflective Infrared Obstacle Sensor Module operates in the voltage range 3.3 to 6VDC and it was designed to operate with a frequency of 38KHz and its oscillator circuit is based on a NE555 timer. In addition, the module has two adjustable potentiometers, one for controlling the operating frequency and the other for controlling the sensitivity of the detection distance that can be between 2cm and 40cm.

- Specifications and features:

- Operating voltage: 3.3 to 6VDC
- Operating current: 20mA
- Detection distance: 2cm to 40cm
- Detection range: 35º
- Presence of obstacle: low logic level (LOW)
- Absence of obstacle: high logic level ( HIGH)
- Sensitivity adjustable through trimpot
- Operating temperature: -10º to 50º celsius