Pressure Barometric Atmospheric Sensor GY-63 MS5611

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  • The GY-63 MS5611 is a high-precision barometric pressure sensor module that can measure atmospheric pressure and temperature with great accuracy. It features both SPI and I2C bus interfaces, making it easy to connect to a wide range of microcontrollers and devices.
  • The sensor has an altitude resolution of 10 cm, making it ideal for use in altimeters and variometers. It uses a pressure sensor with exceptional linearity and a 24-bit, ultra-low power ADC with internal factory calibrated coefficients to provide accurate digital pressure and temperature readings.
  • The module offers a variety of operating modes that allow users to tailor conversion efficiency and current usage to their specific needs. Additionally, it has a high-resolution temperature output that can be used to implement an altimeter/thermometer feature without the need for a separate sensor.
  • The communication protocol for the MS5611-01BA is straightforward and does not require programming of the device's internal registers, making it easy to interface with any microcontroller. With its high precision and versatility, the GY-63 MS5611 is an excellent choice for a wide range of pressure sensing applications.

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  • High precision pressure sensor for accurate measurements
  • SPI and I2C bus interfaces for easy integration
  • 24-bit ultra-low power ADC with internal factory-calibrated coefficients for accurate digital pressure and temperature values
  • High-resolution temperature output for implementing an altimeter/thermometer feature without a separate sensor
  • Versatile operating modes for tailoring conversion efficiency and current usage to specific needs
  • Straightforward communication protocol that does not require programming of internal registers
  • Compatible with any microcontroller for easy interfacing
  • Exceptional linearity for accurate measurement of pressure changes, even at low levels
  • Built-in 24bit AD converter chip
  • High-quality Immersion Gold PCB


  • Model: GY-63
  • Chip: MS5611
  • Power Supply: 3V-5V
  • Communication: Standard IIC / SPI communications protocol
  • Dimension: 18 x 14mm (0.71 x 0.55″) (L x W)

Pin Connections:

Pin Description
VCC 5V nominal. Connect to 5V output of the MCU
GND Ground
SCL Clock (SCL / SCK) for I2C and SPI
SDA Data (SDA / SDI) for I2C and SPI
CSB Chip Select. Chip Select for SPI. Address select for I2C
SDO Data Out (SDO) for SPI
PS Protocol Select. Default pulled HIGH for I2C. Connect to GND for SPI

Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 6 49 55 AM

Package Includes:

  • 1 x GY-63 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Module

Sample Project:




  • Use this link to download the Arduino-MS5611 library.


  GY-63 MS5611 Example Program
  MS5611 Test Program
  Based on library sample MS5611 by Rob Tillaart
  Uses MS5611 library by Rob Tillaart

#include "MS5611.h"
#include "Wire.h"

MS5611 MS5611(0x77);

void setup()
  Serial.println("Begin Test");


void loop()
  int result = MS5611.read();
  if (result != 0)    // read routine returns 0 in result if it completes OK.
    Serial.print("Error in read: ");
    Serial.println(result);  // Otherwise result shows error
    Serial.print("Temp: ");
    Serial.print(MS5611.getTemperature() * 0.01, 2); // print with 2 decimals
    Serial.print(" C\t Press: ");
    Serial.print(MS5611.getPressure() * 0.01, 2);   // print with 2 decimals
    Serial.println(" mb");