Pressure Barometric Atmospheric Sensor GY-63 MS5611

AED 85.05



High Precision Pressure Sensor Height Sensor Module with SPI and I2C Bus Interface, GY-63 MS5611-01BA03. With an altitude resolution of 10 cm, this barometric pressure sensor is best used with altimeters and variometers. The sensor module has a pressure sensor with exceptional linearity and a 24-bit, ultra-low power ADC with internal factory calibrated coefficients. It offers an accurate digital 24 Bit pressure and temperature value as well as a variety of operating modes that let the user tailor conversion efficiency and current usage. Without the use of a separate sensor, an altimeter/thermometer feature can be implemented using a high-resolution temperature output. Any microcontroller can be interfaced with the MS5611-01BA. The communication protocol is straightforward and does not require the device's internal registers to be programmed.



  • Model: GY-63
  • Name: MS5611 module (atmospheric pressure module)
  • Built-in 24bit AD converter chip
  • High-quality Immersion Gold PCB
  • Using the chip: MS5611
  • Power supply: 3V-5V (internal low dropout regulator)
  • Communication: Standard IIC / SPI communications protocol


Pinout of the Module:

MS5611 Atmospheric Pressure & Temperature Sensor Module

VCC = 5V nominal. Connect to 5V output of the MCU
GND = Ground
SCL = Clock (SCL / SCK) for I2C and SPI
SDA = Data (SDA / SDI) for I2C and SPI
CSB = Chip Select. Chip Select for SPI. Address select for I2C
SDO = Data Out (SDO) for SPI
PS = Protocol Select. Default pulled HIGH for I2C. Connect to GND for SPI



  • GPS pinpoint navigation.
  • Indoor/outdoor navigation.
  • Relaxation, sports, and medical treatment, and health monitoring.
  • Weather forecast.
  • Vertical speed indicates fan power control.


Package included:

1 x GY-63 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Module