Audio Amplifier Module Board 2x 3w Class D 5v Power Amplifier PAM8403

AED 4.20



This is a circuit board of an audio amplifier that uses the stereo amplifier chip PAM8403. It is a 3-watt Class-D stereo amplifier with a minimum working voltage of 2.5 V and a maximum operating voltage of 5 V., Without the use of a filter or an output capacitor, this chip is able to drive a typical loudspeaker directly. A 4 Ohm loudspeaker can deliver a maximum of 3 watts when driven by a 5 V source. You can utilise a mobile phone charger, a computer USB port 5V power supply, or battery power.




  • Product name: miniature digital power amplifier board
  • Size: 1.85*2.11cm
  • Operating voltage: 2.5V-5.5V
  • Speaker:4-8ohms(Recommended4 ohms)
  • Speaker Power:2-8W
  • Main Color: Green, Silver Tone


Pinout of the Module:

  • 5v: Connected to a + to 5v voltage source and - to GND
  • Out R: for Right Speaker  (be careful to wire + to the + speaker terminal and - to -)
  • Out L: for Left Speaker (be careful to wire + to the + speaker terminal and - to -)
  • L - R: this is the AUX jack terminal connecting Right to R Left to L and GND to - or flipped T on the board


PAM8403 3w Mini Digital Stereo Amplifier Board | All Top Notch





1. If you connect the power supply before connecting the speaker, the chip could easily be damaged.

2. Avoid allowing the audio signal input to get too large in order to establish a cutting limit because the digital volume control in the module has high gain.


Package Includes:

1 x PAM8403 2*3W D Class Digital 2.5-5V Power Amplifier Board