Programmer PIC Microcontroller Minimum Board

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The PIC Microcontroller Universal Programming Socket and Minimum System Board is a must-have for microcontroller enthusiasts and developers. This dual-function board combines a programming socket and a minimal operating circuit, providing compatibility with a wide range of microprocessors. Whether you're using Pickit2, Pickit3, or homemade open-source programmers, this board ensures seamless integration and supports almost all microcontroller chips. With features like LED indicators, a quartz crystal, and communication pins, it enhances your microcontroller development projects. Its expandability, temperature detection, and various communication interfaces make it a versatile tool for microcontroller testing and experimentation.



  • Universal Compatibility: This board is engineered to be universally compatible with a variety of microprocessors. It can be seamlessly integrated into your projects, making it suitable for testing and experimenting with a wide range of microcontroller types.
  • Programmer Compatibility: You can connect this board to various programmers, including popular ones like Pickit2, Pickit3, and even homemade open-source programmers. It supports a wide array of chips, thanks to the ability to connect the programmer using a separate jumper wire.
  • Versatile Components: The board features essential components, including a button, LED indicator, 12MHz quartz crystal, and communication protocol pins. These components enhance your microcontroller development and testing capabilities.
  • Expandability: With its numerous expansion options, you can connect additional peripherals and sensors to tailor the board to your specific project requirements. It offers versatile I/O external expansion, an auxiliary power supply expansion port, and more.
  • Temperature Detection and Communication Interfaces: The board includes a single-line 18B20 temperature detection interface, an infrared receiver interface, a COM port lead based on PIC16F877A, and an I2C interface also based on PIC16F877A. These interfaces expand the board's functionality, making it even more versatile.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x PIC Microcontroller Universal Programming Socket and Minimum System Board
  • 1 x 12MHz Crystal
  • 1 x 6-Pin to 1-Pin Dupont Line
  • 5 x 1-Pin to 1-Pin Dupont Line