USB To TTL FTDI FT232RL Serial IC Adapter Converter Module 3.3V 5V

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This Board is a compact Breakout backed by FTDI technology, ensuring reliability and compatibility with a wide range of applications. This cost-effective breakout board is the perfect solution to add USB functionality to your Arduino or other microcontrollers. It's a versatile tool that can be used for bootloading or downloading sketches, providing USB capabilities to your DIY projects. This breakout board is based on technology from Future Technology Devices International (FTDI), a prominent Scottish semiconductor company specializing in Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology. FTDI excels in developing, manufacturing, and supporting devices and software drivers for converting RS-232 or TTL serial signals to USB, making legacy devices compatible with modern computers.



  • Compatibility: This board offers a standard interface that's compatible with a wide range of official Arduino boards as well as non-official controllers.
  • FT232 Chip: Equipped with a reliable FT232 chip, it ensures stable and consistent performance for your USB-to-serial communication needs.
  • Indicator Lights: The board features indicator lights for power, sending, and receiving, providing clear feedback on its working status.
  • Dual Power Supply Options: It supports both 3.3V and 5V power supply options, making it adaptable to various project requirements.
  • Multi-Purpose Use: Not limited to just USB-to-serial conversion, it's also suitable for downloading STC SCM (Single-Chip Microcontroller) programs.



  • Size: Approximately 35 x 17mm
  • Net Weight: 3g
  • Voltage Compatibility: Supports dual power supply options - 3.3V and 5V.
  • Voltage Regulation: Equipped with built-in voltage regulation for stable performance.
  • Chipset: Utilizes the FT232RL chip from Future Technology Devices International (FTDI).
  • Communication Interface: USB-to-Serial communication interface.
  • Indicator Lights:
    • Power Indicator: Provides feedback on the board's power status.
    • Transmit Indicator: Indicates data transmission activity.
    • Receive Indicator: Indicates data reception activity.



1pc Basic Breakout Board For Arduino FTDI FT232RL USB To, 48% OFF

Pin Function
DTR Connects to the DTR pin on the microcontroller for automatic resetting during programming.
RXD Connects to the TX pin of the microcontroller for receiving data.
TXD Connects to the RX pin of the microcontroller for transmitting data.
VCC Connects to the power source (3.3V or 5V, depending on the board) on your microcontroller.
CTS Optional flow control signal, often left unconnected for basic applications.
GND Connects to the ground of your microcontroller.
5V/3.3V Switch Allows you to select the desired voltage level for your microcontroller.



Package includes:

1 x USB To TTL FTDI FT232RL Serial IC Adapter Converter Module 3.3V 5V