Motor DC TT Double Axis 1:90 Metal Gear Box

AED 27.30



These long-lasting gearbox motors (also known as TT motors) are a simple method to start your Robotics designs. This is a TT DC Metal Gearbox Motor with a gear ratio of 1:90, which is roughly double the standard 1:48. This results in greater torque but a slower rotating speed. They're useful for robots when strength is more important than speed because they're slower. They won't strip as readily, and because of the lower gearbox ratio, they're twice as sluggish (and twice as powerful).

You may power these motors with 3VDC to 6VDC; the higher the voltage, the faster the motor.



Dual Axis Metal TT Gear Motor

Input: 3V-6V

ratio 1:90

We recorded 80mA @ 60 RPM with no-load at 3VDC and 0.5 A when stalled.

We recorded 90mA @ 90 RPM with no-load at 4.5VDC, and 0.8 A when stalled.

We recorded 100mA @ 120 RPM with no-load at 6VDC and 1.0 A when halted.


Package Includes:

1 x TT DC Metal Gearbox Motor with a gear ratio of 1:90