Robot 4wd Smart Robot Car chassis Kits Red

AED 57.75



This 4WD Smart Robot Car chassis Kits can be a perfect DIY kit for you
* The mechanical structure is simple, convenient installation.
* The height between two chassis can be change by different copper pillar.
* The four turn speed dc motor flexible, directional well. Quad, chronological horsepower. chassis and stability is very easy to extend
* The car comes with speed encoder, cooperate with our speed of photoelectric, can rapidly form a speed measuring system. Can speed, range, form a closed loop system.
* Working Voltage: DC 3V/5V/6V
* Working Current: 100mA/100mA/120mA
* Ni-load (with wheel): 100 RPM/190 RPM/240 RPM
* Speed (no-load): 20 m/min , 39 m/min , 48 m/min
* Noise: <65 db
* Wheel Diameter: 66 mm(approx)
* Dimensions(L*W*H): 25.5*15.5*6.5 cm(approx)

Package contents:
4 * Tires
6 * Fasteners
2 * Smart car chassis
4 * DC gear motors
4* encoders
1 * Set of Screw, Nut and Copper Pillarbot; development