Switch Module Endstop Limit Switch Ramps 1.4

AED 11.50



The mechanical endstop offers a straightforward solution for detecting the minimum or maximum position of an X/Y/Z stage in a 3D printer. By placing the switch in the path of the stage, it closes when the stage moves against it, eliminating the need for complex setups. With high-quality switching elements and durable construction, it ensures reliable performance for numerous print cycles.



  1. Convenient Installation: Easy to plug in, allowing for straightforward setup without extensive modifications.
  2. Reliable Switching Elements: Ensures dependable operation and accurate position detection.
  3. Customized Connection Wires: Utilizes 22AWG copper wire with 2A current rating and 300V voltage rating for safe and efficient connectivity.
  4. Temperature Resistant: Features an insulating layer capable of withstanding temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius.



  • Wire Gauge: 22AWG
  • Current Rating: 2A
  • Voltage Rating: 300V
  • Temperature Range: Up to 80°C



Wire Color Description Connection
Red VCC (Ramps +) Positive
Black GND (Ramps -) Ground
Green SIGNAL (Ramps S) Signal


Package Includes:

  • 1 x CNC 3D Printer Mech Endstop Switch
  • 1 x 3 Pins Cable