Stepper Motor Micro 2Phase 4Wires With Slider For 3D Printer

AED 129.15



This is a DC 2-phase 4-wire Step angle of 18 degrees micro stepper motor screw rod slider For making a diy engraving machine with driving voltage of 4-9V



  • Motor type: 2-phase 4-wire system
  • Drive voltage: 4-9V/100 -- 500mA (the higher the voltage, the greater the force, the greater the heat)
  • Screw length: 90mm
  • Slider stroke: 80mm
  • Motor diameter: 15mm
  • Screw diameter: 3mm
  • Screw pitch: 0.5mm 
  • Step angle: 18 degrees 
  • Phase resistance: 15.5 ohms
  • Size: 15×105mm

Pinout of the Motor:

Blue A+, Black A-
Red B+, Yellow B-


Package Includes:

 1 x Stepper Motor Micro 2-phase 4-wire With Slide Table For 3D Printer