Motor Coreless High Torque Rc Motor 8520 Hollow Cup (Pair - Left & Right Motor)

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This motor is a compact powerhouse, specifically crafted for model aircraft enthusiasts. Its impressive combination of size, power, and precision makes it a reliable choice for various applications within the specified scope. With ROHS certification, you can trust in the quality and environmentally conscious design of this motor for your model aircraft projects.


  • Motor Size: Compact dimensions at 8.5mm*20mm, optimizing space utilization in model aircraft and similar applications.
  • Rated Voltage: Operating at a rated voltage of 3.7V, providing an ideal power source for efficient performance.
  • Rated Power: With a rated power of 3W, this motor delivers a balance of power and energy efficiency.
  • Rated Current: Consuming a low current of 0.12A, ensuring energy conservation without compromising performance.
  • Rated Speed: A high-rated speed of 50000 rpm, facilitating swift and precise motion control.
  • Rated Torque: Boasting a rated torque of 30mN, this motor provides the necessary force for optimal performance.
  • Motor Shaft Length: A 4mm motor shaft length, offering compatibility with various setups.
  • Motor Shaft Diameter: Featuring a 1mm motor shaft diameter, ensuring stability and reliability in operation.
  • Dimensions: Compact dimensions at 8.50mm, making it an ideal choice for applications with limited space.
  • Scope of Application: Tailored for model aircraft, showcasing the motor's specialization in aviation-related projects.