Motor Dc Standard Shaft 550 12v

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The standard shaft 550 motor is the optical axis, and the 550 motor is mainly used for the model main motor and model tools such as model drills. This motor saves electricity and has excellent energy efficiency.
[rated voltage]: DC 18V
[Voltage Range]: DC 6-24V
【Motor speed】:
At 12v voltage, about 11,000 rpm;
At 6v voltage, about 3600 rpm;
【Motor current】:
6v, no-load current is about 980ma, blocking about 1800ma;
12v, the no-load current is about 1260ma, and the blocking is about 2720ma;
[Motor diameter]: about 37mm
[Motor length]: about 57mm
[Motor shaft diameter]: 3.17mm (this shop has gears available)
[Motor shaft length]: about 9mm
[step height]: about 4.2mm
[step diameter]: 13mm
[mounting hole distance]: about 25mm
[Installation Aperture]: M3
[Motor weight]: about 211g