Motor DC With Double-Axis Oblique Speed Reducer DIY

AED 8.40



The Double-Axis Oblique-Angle Geared Motor, is a versatile component designed for various DIY applications, particularly in the creation of DIY remote control cars. 



  1. Voltage: Compatible with 3-6V, providing flexibility in power supply options.
  2. Speed:
  3. At 3V voltage: Achieves a speed of 700 revolutions per minute (RPM) with a current draw of 90mA.
  4. At 6V voltage: Boosts the speed to 1300 RPM, with a current draw of 120mA.
  5. Size: Compact dimensions measuring 45x22x29mm, ensuring easy integration into various projects.
  6. Axis Diameter: Features a 2.5mm axis diameter, enhancing compatibility with a variety of accessories.
  7. Axis Length: Boasts a total length of 75mm, with a single side shaft extending approximately 28mm.



  • Double-Axis Oblique-Angle Design: Equipped with a unique double-axis oblique-angle geared motor, offering enhanced functionality and versatility.
  • Worm Speed Reduction: Incorporates a worm speed reduction mechanism for precise control and efficient power transfer.
  • DIY Control Car Capability: Designed for easy integration with wheels, enabling the creation of DIY control cars.