Gear Box Deceleration Head for DC Motors (DC Motor Not Included)

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The new 050 deceleration head, all-metal structure, copper gear box, micro-steel gear, the output shaft is 3mm axis, suitable for a variety of micro-robot drive motor, is one of the commonly used technology DIY.
Each slow head is sent with a pinion for mounting on a motor, a small gear with a diameter of 1.5mm. If you want to use 050 motor production gear motor, you need to verify the next 050 motor shaft can not be too long, otherwise the installation is not up.
The output shaft has standard copper gear on the shaft
---------- 050 Deceleration head (with standard gear) ----------
【Size】: 12 * 14 * 12mm (without shaft)
[Shaft diameter]: 3mm
【Axis】: 4mm
【Gear】: 0.5 modulus, 10 teeth, copper gear
[Aperture]: hole 2mm (installation aperture), large hole 2.5mm through hole