Motor Bracket Fixed Seat Wheel Part For Smart Robot Car

AED 7.35



The Motor Bracket Fixed Seat Wheel Part for Smart Robot Car is a critical component designed to provide support and stability for motors with M3 screws in smart robot car assemblies. 



  1. Screw Compatibility: Specifically designed for M3 screws, ensuring a secure and stable mounting platform for these Motors.
  2. Compact Design: The bracket features a compact design with a side diameter suitable for M3 screws, making it an ideal choice for applications where space is a consideration.
  3. Dimensions: Bottom Dimension: 30 * 26mm - The overall footprint of the bracket, providing stability and balance to the mounted screws.
  4. Hole Dimensions: Diameter of 4 Holes on the Bottom Surface: 4mm - Four holes positioned on the bottom surface for secure attachment to a robot chassis or other supporting structure.
  5. Center Hole Diameter:  Bottom Center Hole Diameter: 10mm - A central hole with a diameter of 10mm to accommodate the M3 screws or other components, allowing for easy integration into the robot assembly.



  • Screw Compatibility: M3
  • Bottom Dimension: 30 * 26mm
  • Hole Diameter (Bottom Surface): 4mm (for four holes)
  • Bottom Center Hole Diameter: 10mm


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Motor Bracket Fixed Seat Wheel Part For Smart Robot Car