IC HT12E Encoder For Remote Control Systems Dip-18 (Per Piece)

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HT12E is a 12Bit series encoder IC  for remote control applications. It is commonly used for radio frequency (RF) applications. By using the paired HT12E encoder and HT12D decoder we can easily transmit and receive 12 bits of parallel data serially. HT12E simply converts 12 bit parallel data into a serial output which can be transmitted through an RF transmitter. These 12 bit parallel data are divided into 8 address bits and 4 data bits. By using these address pins we can provide an 8-bit security code for data transmission and multiple receivers may be addressed using the same transmitter.

HT12E is able to operate in a wide voltage range from 2.4V to 12V and has a built-in oscillator which requires only a small external resistor. Its power consumption is very low, standby current is 0.1μA at 5V VDD, and has high immunity against noise.

 remote control encoder
Packaging: DIP18
Supply voltage: 2.4...12V DC
Mounting: THT
Frequency: 38kHz
DC supplying current: 400µA
Integrated circuit features: low power
Integrated circuit features: low standby current
Encoder combined with the decoder IC
4 data pins & 8 address pins
Commonly used for RF and IR wireless transmission
Supply Voltage-2.4 V to 12 V
Current- 0.1uA at Vcc=5 V
Noise Resistance

Used for converting Parallel to serial data.
Wireless communication application involving RF.
Used in Home automation for remote switching.
Burglars alarm system, Fire alarm etc.
Garage doors, Car alarm system, Car door controls etc.

Pins Diagram:

  •  VDD and VSS are power supply pins that are used to connect positive and negative of the power supply respectively.
  • OSC1 and OSC2 are used to connect external resistance for the internal oscillator. OSC1 is the oscillator input pin and OSC2 is the oscillator output pin.
  • TE is used for enabling the transmission and is an active low input.
  • A0 – A7 Are the input address pins. By using these pins we can provide a security code for the data. These pins can be connected to VSS or left open.
  • D8 – D11 is the input data pins. These pins can be connected to VSS or may be left open LOW and HIGH respectively.
  • DOUT – It is the serial data output of the encoder and can be connected to an RF transmitter.

Simple Circuit for the HT12E Encoder IC: