Cable Tie White 5x250mm (per piece)

AED 1.00



white - 5x250mm Heavy Duty Cable Ties are designed to secure cable bundles, harness wiring components, and keep them in place.  they have a self-locking head on one end and serrated teeth which function like straps on the other end. These two ends work by fitting inside each other in a self-locking mechanism.

Our white - 5x250mm Inch cables are used to hold any assortment of components up to 120 Lbs. They work best under working temperatures of -40 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. They are mostly applicable for indoor use and possess high tensile strength with low insertion force. They are short and thin which makes them perfect for small spaces and light wire management. The tie has heavy-duty to standard cross-section but has a curved tip at the end. This curved tip makes the ties easy to pick from flat surfaces and easier to thread in, thereby accelerating the speed of installation.