Operational Amplifier JFET Input LF356N

AED 5.25



The LF356N is an operational amplifier with JFET input that stands at the forefront of advanced circuitry. Designed to revolutionize signal processing, the LF356N embodies the fusion of high-performance JFET technology and precision circuitry. Its exceptional characteristics redefine operational amplifier capabilities, delivering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Whether you're pursuing precision measurements, audio amplification, or intricate signal manipulation, the LF356N sets a new benchmark for excellence in operational amplifier design.



  • Speedy Settling Time: Achieves rapid settling to within 0.01%, ensuring a swift response to input signal changes.
  • Fast Slew Rate: Provides a high-speed rate of change in output voltage for efficient signal processing.
  • Wide Gain Bandwidth: Demonstrates an expansive range of gain bandwidth, enabling versatile signal amplification.
  • Low Input Noise Voltage: Delivers exceptional noise performance, ensuring clean signal amplification.
  • Cost-Efficient Replacement: Offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive hybrid and module FET op-amps, without compromising on performance.
  • Rugged JFETs for Blow-Out-Free Handling: Incorporates robust JFETs, enhancing durability and reliability during handling, unlike MOSFET input devices.
  • Suitable for Low Noise Applications: Ideal for both high and low source impedance scenarios, featuring an impressively low 1/f corner for minimal noise.
  • Offset Adjust without Compromising Drift or Rejection: Unique offset adjustment mechanism maintains excellent drift and common-mode rejection, setting it apart from most monolithic amplifiers.
  • Enhanced Capacitive Load Compatibility: The new output stage design allows the utilization of large capacitive loads (up to 5,000 pF) without stability concerns.
  • Internal Compensation and High Differential Input Voltage Capability: Incorporates internal compensation and accommodates extensive differential input voltage ranges for versatile operation.
  • Convenient 8-Pin DIP Package: Presented in an easy-to-use 8-pin DIP package for seamless integration into various circuit designs.


  • Precision high-speed integrators
  • Fast D/A and A/D converters
  • High impedance buffers
  • Wideband, low noise, low drift amplifiers
  • Logarithmic amplifiers
  • Photocell amplifiers
  • Sample and Hold circuits