LED Matrix RGB LED 2*2 4-Bit WS2812 Driver Module Board

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Full Color WS2812B-4 Feet RGB LED Development Module Develop Board


- Intelligent reverse polarity protection, reverse power will not damage the IC.

- IC control circuit and LED light use the same power source.

- Built-in power-on reset and power-down reset circuit.

- Trichromatic color of each pixel can achieve 256 of display brightness , to complete a full true color display of 16777216 colors , scanning frequency of not less than 400Hz / s.

- Serial cascade interface, via a signal line to complete the reception and decoding of data.

- No need additional circuitry when pass transmission distance between any two points in less than 5 meters .

- When the refresh rate is 30 frames / sec, the cascading number of not less than 1024 points.

- Data transmission speeds of up to 800Kbps.

- Highly consistent color of light, cost-effective

- Size: 15*15mm


- LED full-color light-emitting character string lights, LED full-color module, LED full-color light bar strip light, LED guardrail.

- LED spot light, LED pixel screen, LED shaped screen, a variety of electronic products, electrical equipment marquees.