Heatsink Aluminium Case for Raspberry Pi 4 - Black

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Your Raspberry Pi, as small and powerful as it is, still requires passive cooling and case protection to function efficiently and maintain its computing power. Protecting your Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is easier than ever before with the Aluminium Heatsink Case, featuring a 2-in-1 design with the heatsink and case combined. Sleek, anodised aluminium offers 10-15°C passive cooling under full CPU load - quite "cool", don't you think?

Excellent for those who seek a completely silent cooling system, much like home media centres, the Aluminium Heatsink Case for Raspberry Pi 4 is the best, most convenient accessory to your Rasperry Pi 4. Thermal pads are included for thermal contact between the CPU and top case, as well as an Allen key and set of hex bolts for effortless case assembly.

Experience a longer-lasting and more efficient Raspberry Pi 4 use with our Aluminium Heatsink Case and enjoy effortless assembly, passive cooling, and quiet operating.


Anodised aluminium top & bottom case
Heatsink fins
Thermal pad
Easy assembly
Quiet operation
Perfect compatibility with Raspberry Pi 4
Accessibility to all ports, pins & connectors
Hex bolts & Allen key included
Please Note

This case keeps your Raspberry Pi cool by absorbing the heat into the case. Take care - the case *will* get hot.
Due to the conductive nature of the case, make sure your Raspberry Pi is turned off before installing into the case. Also take care not to short any components against the case.