Raspberry pi zero Case Enclosure Premium - Black

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We're pleased to introduce our new range of professional, fully injection moulded Raspberry Pi Zero W cases!

As with all our injection moulded cases, they're designed to optimise protection whilst maintaining device useability. Our Raspberry Pi Zero W cases consist of a 3-Part clip together construction with Micro SD card cover and embossed Raspberry Pi Foundation logo, which acts as a ventilation point for heat extraction. Each case features a top and bottom GPIO cut-out, which can easily be removed using a sharp instrument, or left in situ if the GPIO is not required.

There are also 2 x M3 mounting holes on the back of the case, so you can effortlessly mount your Pi Zero where it's required e.g. your belt/dog/table/wall, and two internal microSD card slots to store you spare OS images.

A kick-back from each sale even goes back to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, so you can feel as warm and fuzzy as your Raspberry Pi Zero does in its new case!

Case Features:

Professional Fully Injection Moulded PC-ABS Raspberry Pi Zero Case
3 Part Clip-Together Construction (Top, Base & Micro SD Card Cover)
Removable Micro SD Card Cover
GPIO Cut-Out Slot (Top & Bottom)
Available in Black, White, Blue, Green & Frosted
Embossed Raspberry Pi Foundation Logo
Embossed Port Labels (MicroSD, Camera, USB, Power, HDMI)
Raspberry Pi Zero Clips In (No Screws)
Power LED Hole
Two-Point M3 Bolt Mount for Attaching to Belts for Wearables or Walls for Wallabies ;)
2 x Internal Clip In Micro SD Card Holders
Drop Resistant
Manufactured in the UK