Case Enclosure High for Pi Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

AED 49.50



The updated HighPi case is designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi 4, a renowned choice that seamlessly combines ease of use with unparalleled versatility. This case offers a sleek and slim design, making it both visually appealing and functional. Whether you choose to use it with a standalone Pi 4 or enhance its capabilities with popular add-ons such as PoE, Serial, UPS, or HiFiBerry audio HATs, the HighPi case is the perfect solution.



The HighPi case sets a new standard for simplicity and versatility in Raspberry Pi cases. Installing or removing the Raspberry Pi 4 board is a breeze, thanks to the rapid, tool-free assembly. A single snap action secures the Pi board into the case, while another locks the lid securely in place without any rattling. Large-scale assembly becomes incredibly efficient, saving both time and effort for users dealing with numerous Pi boards.

The case can be easily wall-mounted horizontally using two screws for quick removal or mounted in any orientation, including upside-down, with four screws from inside the case. When wall-mounted horizontally, the A/V and audio cables elegantly hang downward, improving visual tidiness and reducing the need for additional cable support.


Whether you're using a plain Pi 4 board or maximizing its potential with various add-ons, the HighPi case accommodates your needs. Its generous internal space allows for HATs, break-out boards, or heat sinks. Vents on three sides serve as fly-through cable ports for GPIO and other connections. A two-section breakout on the A/V side lets you choose the extent to which the case opens up for connectors on attached boards.

Some examples of perfectly fitting HATs:

  • Raspberry Pi PoE HAT: The HighPi case securely holds the PoE HAT, ensuring both the Pi and HAT boards are fully secured. Ventilation slots on the side and bottom allow for efficient airflow.


  • HiFiBerry HATs: This case accommodates the full line of HiFiBerry audio boards. Choose one breakout section for DAC+ and Digi+, or both for the Amp+ or DAC+DSP. Ample clearance around RCA connectors is provided for high-end cables.

HiFiBerry HAT

  • Serial HAT: If you need to ensure power to your Pi or communicate via serial, the serial HAT fits neatly inside the HighPi case along with the Pi board.

Serial HAT

  • UPS HAT: The UPS HAT and Pi board are easily enclosed in the HighPi case, with ample space for larger batteries. GPIO connector pins remain accessible, and a GPIO ribbon cable can be run out of the case while fully assembled.



  • High-quality ABS plastic case designed and made in Canada
  • Industry-leading ease of use, rapid tool-free assembly, and disassembly
  • Large internal volume for HATs, break-out boards, or heat sinks
  • Vents on three sides double as fly-through cable ports
  • Two-section breakout on A/V side for HAT board I/O
  • Large vent opposite A/V side allows GPIO ribbon cable pass-through
  • Micro SD card access port
  • Mounting options for easy removal or secure mounting in any orientation
  • Self-adhesive rubber feet included (set of 4)
  • Matte finish that hides fingerprints


  • External dimensions: 97 x 66 x 41mm
  • Internal volume for breakout boards: 90 x 60 x 28.8mm