Raspberry Pi ModMyPi Triple GPIO Expansion Board w/ HAT Area

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The ModMyPi Triple GPIO Expansion Board with HAT Area is the perfect solution for sharing GPIO pins between various applications and circuits on your Raspberry Pi! If you've ever struggled to combine multiple breakout boards onto the standard single Pi GPIO header, this expansion plate is here to make your life easier. With its user-friendly design, simply plug the replicator board into your Pi, and you can connect additional circuits or breakout boards to the extra headers with ease. No more fuss, just seamless integration! This board comes fully assembled and includes 3 x 40 Pin headers, providing you with up to 4 x 40 Pin GPIO arrays to expand your Raspberry Pi's capabilities. You can now add all the "stuff" you need for your projects without limitations.



  1. Triple 40-Pin GPIO Header Multiplexor: This expansion board efficiently combines GPIO pins from various sources, enabling seamless connections between applications and breakout boards.
  2. HAT-Compliant Layout: The board is designed in compliance with HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) specifications, ensuring compatibility with HATs and HAT-related accessories.
  3. SMT Socket Header & 40 Pin Extra Tall "Single Shroud" Header: The use of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Socket Header and an Extra Tall "Single Shroud" Header ensures secure connections and added durability.
  4. Includes 14mm Mounting Kit: The product comes with a 14mm Mounting Kit, allowing you to easily attach it to your Raspberry Pi setup without any additional hassles.
  5. Fully Assembled - No Soldering Required: The board comes fully assembled, saving you time and effort as no soldering is needed for its setup.
  6. HAT Mounting Area: The presence of a dedicated HAT mounting area enables you to stack two HATs on a single Raspberry Pi, expanding its capabilities even further.
  7. Stackable: The board's stackable design lets you combine multiple expansion boards for even more GPIO connectivity, offering endless possibilities for your projects.
  8. Fully Labeled GPIO Silkscreen: With clear and comprehensive GPIO silkscreen labels, identifying and using specific pins becomes effortless.


Package Include:

  • 1 x board with 3 x 40 Pin Breakout Array (2 x 20) with pre-soldered Raspberry Pi header's