Robot - Plastic Robot Tire Wheel 66MM FZ0394 For, Geared Dc , Servo ,Stepper Motors,4W Car

AED 5.25



The Plastic Robot Tire Wheel 66MM FZ0394, a reliable choice for your robotics projects. This wheel is specifically designed to work with geared DC motors, servo motors, and stepper motors, providing you with the flexibility you need for various applications. 



  • Diameter: The wheel boasts a diameter of 66mm, striking a balance between stability and agility. This size ensures optimal performance in different robotic scenarios.
  • Width: With a width of 28mm, these wheels provide a solid base for your robot, enhancing its overall stability and maneuverability.
  • Color: The distinctive yellow and black color scheme not only adds a touch of style to your robot but also enhances visibility, making it easy to track and monitor its movements.
  • Weight: Weighing in at a mere 38g, these wheels contribute to the lightweight design of your robot, allowing for efficient energy use and improved mobility.




Designed for 4W cars, these wheels are well-suited for a wide range of robotic applications, from simple hobbyist projects to more complex and demanding tasks.