Motor DC Straight Geared Shaft

AED 9.45



The 100 RPM 130 Double Shaft Reduction TT Motor, an advanced motor engineered with a precision gearbox and dual shafts, designed to be powered by direct current (DC). This motor stands as an ideal choice for a vast array of applications, including DIY projects, battery-operated toys, radio-controlled vehicles, and a multitude of robotic endeavors, offering unparalleled versatility to enthusiasts and makers alike.



  • Precision gearbox ensures optimal performance and accuracy in operation.
  • Dual shaft design provides enhanced flexibility and compatibility with various mechanical setups.
  • Utilizes direct current (DC) power source, offering reliability and efficiency.
  • Incorporates Enhanced Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for robust anti-interference capabilities, ensuring seamless integration with electronic systems.



  1. Operating Voltage: 3V~12V DC (recommended operating voltage range: 6V to 8V)
  2. Maximum Torque: 800gf cm minimum (at 3V)
  3. No-load speed: 1:48 reduction ratio (at 3V)
  4. Load current: 70mA (250mA maximum) at 3V


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Motor DC Straight Geared Double Shaft