Graphic LCD 128x64 Buzzer Shield Compatible With Arduino

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The LCD12864 Shield offers a comprehensive solution for graphical LCD interfacing, featuring a 128x64 pixel graphic LCD display with backlight, a 5-way joystick, a buzzer, and convenient I/O pins designed for Arduino-compatible microcontrollers.



  • Graphic LCD Display: The shield has a 128x64 pixel graphic LCD display with a backlight. This display is capable of rendering both text and graphics.
  • u8glib Universal Graphics Library: Simplifies operations through the powerful u8glib Universal Graphics Library for 8 8-bit Embedded Systems. The library provides a rich set of drawing operations, making it user-friendly for creating graphical interfaces.
  • Joystick and Reset Button: Includes a 5-way joystick for input control. Features a reset button for convenience.
  • I/O Pins: Convenient headers for access to 5 analog and 8 digital pins. Provides voltage and ground pins for ease of connectivity.
  • SPI Interface: Controlled via an SPI interface using five digital pins (D8, D9, D10, D11, and D13). Backlight control utilizes digital pin D7.
  • Buzzer: Integrated buzzer connected to D3. Disconnect the buzzer from D3 by using a soldering bridge on the bottom side of the board.
  • Power Compatibility: Operates from a 3.3V power source but is fully compatible with 5V boards, enhancing versatility in project design.



  • The shield is accompanied by the u8glib Graphics Library, which can be obtained from RobotDyn. The library provides a useful resource for programming and utilizing the graphical capabilities of the LCD12864 Shield.



  • An image of the LCD12864 Shield pinout is provided:

In-Dapth Schematic Graphic LCD Shield: