Graphic LCD 128x64 Buzzer Shield compatible

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The LCD12864 Shield is a graphic LCD, joystick, buzzer and handy I/O pins for Arduino compatible microcontrollers.

This shield features a 128x64 pixel graphic LCD display with backlight. The display can be used to output text or graphics. The operations is simplified by using the powerful u8glib Universal Graphics Library for 8 Bit Embedded Systems. The u8glib provides a rich set of drawing operations.

The LCD12864 also contains a 5 way joystick and a reset button. Convenient headers are provided for access to 5 analog and 8 digital pins complete with voltage single and ground pins.

The LCD is controlled via a SPI interface using five digital pins D8, D9, D10, D11 and D13. The backlight uses digital pin D7. The 5 way joystick is attached to analog input A0.
Buzzer connected to D3. If you need D3 for other function, you can disconnect buzzer from D3. For this have soldering bridge on the bottom side of the board.

This shield operates from 3.3V power but is fully compatible with 5V boards.

you can get the Library of Graphic LCD 128x64  Buzzer Shield for Arduino from RobotDyn from this Library :

u8glib Graphics Library: https://code.google.com/p/u8glib/wiki/userreference