Ethernet Module Shield W5500 3.3V 5V RobotDYN

AED 39.50



The W5500 Ethernet LAN Network Module serves as a robust solution to provide internet access to your electronic projects. Employing the W5500 chip as its core, this Ethernet Module establishes a connection with the microcontroller in your project through the SPI interface. Renowned for its enhanced capabilities, the W5500 chip surpasses its predecessor, the official Arduino Ethernet Shield's chip, by featuring a larger memory capacity (32Kb compared to 16Kb) and supporting more simultaneous connections (8 as opposed to 4). Compatibility is extended to all AVR (Arduino), STM, and ARM boards, ensuring a versatile integration into a diverse range of projects.



  1. W5500 Ethernet Chip:

    • Utilizes the advanced W5500 Ethernet network controller chip.
    • Establishes a reliable connection with the microcontroller through the SPI interface.
  2. Enhanced Memory Capacity:

    • Boasts a larger memory capacity of 32Kb (compared to the standard 16Kb).
    • Enables the handling of more data, contributing to improved performance.
  3. Increased Simultaneous Connections:

    • Supports up to 8 simultaneous connections.
    • Facilitates the development of applications with higher demands on concurrent network connections.
  4. Wide Compatibility:

    • Compatible with all AVR (Arduino), STM, and ARM boards.
    • Ensures seamless integration into various microcontroller-based projects.
  5. Ethernet Bandwidth:

    • Supports 10/100 Base-T/TX Ethernet bandwidth.
    • Enables fast and reliable communication over Ethernet networks.
  6. Operational Voltage:

    • Operates at 3.3V for the main voltage (Vdd) and is compatible with 5V I/O.
    • Adaptable to different voltage requirements, enhancing flexibility in project design.
  7. Independent Sockets:

    • Features 8 independent sockets for SPI connections.
    • Allows multiple simultaneous communication channels for efficient data transfer.
  8. Compact Design:

    • PCB size of 17.50 x 68.00 mm.
    • The compact form factor facilitates integration into diverse electronic projects.



  • Ethernet Bandwidth: 10/100 Base-T/TX
  • PHY TX/RX RAM Buffer (Bytes): 32Kb
  • Operational Voltage (V)/Vdd I/O (V): 3.3V/5V
  • Ethernet Ports: 1
  • Interface SPI Connections: 8 independent sockets
  • PCB Size: 17.50 x 68.00 mm



Application Areas:

  • IoT Projects:

    • Enables internet connectivity for IoT devices and projects.
    • Supports communication with web servers and cloud platforms.
  • Home Automation:

    • Integrates with home automation systems for remote control and monitoring.
    • Facilitates the creation of smart home applications.
  • Industrial Automation:

    • Utilized in industrial settings for networked automation solutions.
    • Enables communication between machines and control systems.
  • Data Logging:

    • Supports data logging applications over Ethernet networks.
    • Ideal for projects requiring extensive data storage capabilities.
  • Prototyping:

    • Essential for prototyping projects requiring internet connectivity.
    • Rapidly develops networked applications with enhanced capabilities.