Ethernet module shield W5500 3.3V 5V RobotDYN

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The W5500 - Ethernet LAN Network Module may be used to offer internet access to your projects. The Ethernet W5500 shield makes use of the W5500 chip, which is an Ethernet network controller that connects with the microcontroller in your project through an SPI interface. This chip is a more contemporary version of the one used by the official Arduino Ethernet Shield, with larger memory (32Kb vs. 16Kb) and more simultaneous connections (8 against 4). All AVR(Arduino), STM, and ARM boards are compatible.


- Ethernet Bandwidth 10/100 Base-T/TX 
- PHY TX/RX RAM Buffer(Bytes) 32Kb 
- Op. Voltage (V)/Vdd I/O (V) 3.3V/5V 
-  Ethernet Ports 1 
- Interface SPI Connections 8 independent sockets 
- PCB size 17.50 x 68.00 mm

Link to the Library: https://github.com/jcw/ethercard

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Dimensional drawing

Dimensions Ethernet module - W5500, 3.3V/5VDimensions Ethernet module - W5500, 3.3V/5V


Pinout Ethernet module - W5500, 3.3V/5VPinout Ethernet module - W5500, 3.3V/5V


Schematic of Ethernet module - W5500, 3.3V/5V