Robot 4WD Smart Robot Car chassis Kit 1 Layer for Arduino with 4 Speed Encoder (Rounded Edges)

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* This 4WD Smart Robot Car chassis Kit can be a perfect DIY kit for you

* The mechanical structure is a simple, convenient installation.

* The four turn speed dc motor flexible, directional well. Quad, chronological horsepower. chassis and stability is very easy to extend

* The car comes with speed encoder, cooperate with our speed of photoelectric, can rapidly form a speed measuring system. Can speed, range, form a closed-loop system.

Car size: 260mmx140mm
Material: acrylic
Wheel diameter: 70 mm
board length: 260 mm
Plate width: 140 mm
Weight: 564 g
The Mechanical structure is simple, it is easy to install.
This car is the speed encoder.
It can be used for distance, speed measurement.
It can be used with other devices to perform tracking, obstacle avoidance, distance test, speed test, wireless remote control functions.
Packaging included:
1X Car chassis
4X engine
4X wheels
1X speed encoder
1X Screw Pack