Battery Holder Covered Case for 9V Battery with ON/Off Switch (Per Piece)

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  • The case can hold  9V batteries, and provide 9V power for your device.
    Made of plastic material, lightweight, convenient to carry.
    Perfect for Soldering /Connecting. Be used as a perfect external power source.
    Battery is not included here!
    Note: Please do not separate, maintain, or refit the product.The wires are thin, and the structure of this product is only fit for very small current load, DO NOT connect it to a load that will cause large current, stop using this product if the wires are hot.
    1. When the battery case is working, the maximum power should be less than 2.5W, the working current should be less than 1A.
    2.Please pay attention to your battery heat generation while using this product and do not use the poor quality battery.