USB Discharge Load Resistor

AED 9.45



Interesting product. I use it for load testing USB power supplies
when I am selecting the latest and greatest for the Raspberry Pi 2's I sell.

In conjunction with a voltage/current analysis device, its the perfect addition
to determining how well your power supply is performing.

I have also used it in a custom circuit to test the discharge characteristics
of rechargeable batteries, allowing me to select the best at a reasonably price.

1A/2A selectable switch and LED indicator 1A=green 2A=red
Power @ 2A * 5V= 10W. @ 1A*5V = 5W
Switch and usb interface design
Rated Power: 5W-10W
Type: Fixed Resistor
Size: 7.3cm x 1.8cm x 1.0cm.