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The Black Gladiator is a versatile tracked robot chassis designed for robotics projects. It offers agility, low noise, and easy control, making it suitable for various applications. Constructed with high-strength aluminum alloy and engineering plastic tracks, it provides stability, durability, and excellent road grip. With two quality motors, it delivers high power and speed, making it adaptable to different road surfaces. It can be integrated with Arduino microcontrollers and various electronic components for expanded functionalities.



  1. High-strength aluminum alloy base
  2. Engineering plastic tracks for good elasticity and damping effect
  3. Two quality motors for high power and speed
  4. Compatible with Arduino and other electronic components
  5. Easy to assemble and customize for different projects



  • Assembled Dimensions: 19.316.36cm (LWH) / 7.606.422.36”
  • Net Weight: 0.47kg
  • Base Material: Aluminum alloy 2mm
  • Track: Engineering plastic
  • Motor Parameters:
    • Voltage Range: 6V-12V
    • No-load Speed: 170-350RPM
    • Nominal Voltage: DC 12V
    • No-load Current: 100mA
    • Weight: 100g


How to Start with the Robot (Installation Tutorial):

  • Install the load-bearing wheel: Attach the M4*50 long screw into the load-bearing wheel, then lock the other side with the M4 screw.

Load-bearing wheel installation

  • Place the gasket and insert the load-bearing wheel: Fit the load-bearing wheel into the bracket with a gasket on each end, then secure it with an M4 nut. Ensure not to overtighten. Load-bearing wheel insertion Description: Step 2 of the installation tutorial.
  • Install the motor: Insert the motor into the bracket and tighten it with three M3*6 flat head screws.

Motor installation

  • Install the drive wheel: Insert the coupling into the drive wheel, then use an M3*8 hex socket screw to attach the drive wheel to the coupling. Align the hole on the coupling with the flat end of the motor shaft.

Drive wheel installation 

  • Remove and adjust the track: Remove excess parts of the track, measure the required length, and embed the track pin into the track with pliers.

Track adjustment 

  • Steps 6.7: Embed the track pin into the track with a pair of pincers.

Track pin embedding

Package Includes:

  • Base: 1
  • Motor: 2
  • Track: 2
  • Bearing Wheel: 2
  • Drive Wheel: 2
  • Screw Accessory: 1 set
  • Hex Wrench
  • Battery Holder: 1

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