Wearable Electronic Development Kit Mixtile GENA ( JavaScript) DFRobot

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Mixtile GENA is a wearable electronic development kit based on the dual-processor architecture of the MT6260 and nRF51822. Mixtile GENA assists you in developing your own wearable or IoT devices. It connects to iPhone/iPad directly and gets messages without the need for an app thanks to its dual-processor design. This amazing technology allows you to manage your smartphone's audio or camera remotely. With GENA, you may simply create your own wristwatch, portable activity tracker, desk notification receiver, smart home controller, or another device by attaching accessories to it or embedding it in other gadgets, and then easily create your own software on it using JavaScript.


1. A fully functional development kit for wearable/IoT devices
2.Get notifications from your iPhone/iPad
3. Remotely control your iPhone/iPad with music playing and photo shooting
4. Embedded with dual-Processors, BLE module, G-sensor, and energy-saving LCD display
5. Battery life up to 5 days; easy to charge with any standard micro-USB cables
6.JavaScript API enables developers to create apps with JavaScript easily


1. MT6260/nRF51822 dual-processor architecture enables the GENA platform powerful but efficient performances.
2. Ultra-small size of 27.6x40.2x9.1mm, integrated with Bluetooth Low Energy, G-sensor, Display, Motor, etc.
3. 8M RAM, 16M ROM memory, with extended storage up to 8GB.
4. No Client needed, capable of music playback controls, remote control camera, push notifications when connected with iOS devices. Android devises support will be available soon.
5. Ultra low power, with 10 days standby time and 4-5 days Bluetooth-active while frequently used, the built-in lithium battery runs on 3.7V/270mAh.
6. With ultra-low power reflective LCD, the screen is on all the time with no glare in bright lights. The back-lit screen works in dark as well.
7. High-sensitivity sensors could track steps walked, distance traveled and calories burned.
8. With open and product design, developers could make this ultra-small device into almost anything.
9. Support JavaScript, open APIs, We work haard to make sure you can get the most of GENA with little programming experience.
Developing kit:

Xskit is a cross-platform javascript GUI app developing kit, focused on Linux, windows, mac, even embedded platforms based on MCU.

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